Pledge to make summer feel more like … summer #NationalPicnicMonth. Here are three ways to up your game this season by exploring out-of-the-box picnicking destinations that will blow everything you thought about the traditional picnic out of the water.

Destination #1: At the zoo.

For families, there’s no better place to take advantage of the warm weather than at the zoo. Lots of the animals are active and roaming about, there are often times fun family-centric events and it sets the perfect backdrop to an exciting picnic!

Your local zoo likely has picnic tables and shaded areas where you can enjoy a tasty bite to eat in between exhibits.

Destination #2: On the rooftop.

Find a way to escape the hustle and bustle of life with a picnic for two on the rooftop. Pack a Roasted Beet and Tuscan Kale Quiche with Brie and Fontina Cheese, a bottle of wine and watch the sun set as your cares melt away. It’s time to exhale.

Destination #3: At a local festival.

Summer brings with it lots of ways to get involved with your community. From state fairs to festivals that bring the best of your home town to life, they’re a great setting for a picnic!

Gather your friends and share some good times over a heaping helping of Pickled Egg Salad.