After a good night’s sleep, the best thing you can do to jumpstart your metabolism is eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. But what happens when breakfast turns ho-hum?

Fuel up with nutrition and flavor for a day that’s nothing short of greatness. Check out 3 sneaky ways to amp up your morning protein intake.

#1 Egged Whole Grains

Make a whole grain-rich cup of oatmeal, toss a handful of golden raisins in and top it all with an egg over easy. An average of 6 grams of high-quality protein per NestFresh egg makes this all-in-one breakfast cup as satisfying as all get out.

#2 Nut’in But Butter

Not only do nut butters keep well in the pantry, but they also add a bit of decadence to every piece of toast. Spread a tablespoon of almond, cashew or sunflower seed butter on thick and dig in. We recommend having a few ready-made Mini Veggie Quiche Cups on hand.

#3 Unique Greek

Greek yogurt isn’t just for fruit and granola! Simply top your plate of pancakes with a thin layer of this protein boosting food or use it to replace the dairy in your favorite breakfast recipes. Roasted Beet and Tuscan Kale Quiche with Brie and Fontina Cheese or Whole Wheat Blueberry Coffee Cake, anyone?