Here is a fun and creative way to add uniqueness to your St. Patty’s Day menu this year. When preparing these deviled eggs, use food coloring to dye the egg whites bright green, pastel green, or a mix of both.

To prepare these festive eggs you will need:

• One dozen, cool, and peeled hard-boiled NestFresh eggs
• About 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 teaspoon pepper
• Paprika (optional)
• 1 package of assorted food coloring/egg dye
• Distilled white vinegar


  1. Cut the cooled hard-boiled eggs in half.
  2. Scoop out the egg yolks and put them in a separate bowl.
  3. Rinse any remaining egg yolk off of each egg white half.
  4. Prepare the cups of green egg dye (just as you would for dyeing egg shells) by following the directions on the back of the food coloring package (I used Mint Green and Teal).
  5. Place the egg white halves in the green color baths.
  6. Take the egg whites out of the color baths when the desired color intensity is reached (the longer you leave them in, the more intense the color; about 2-5 minutes).
  7. Place the colored egg whites on a paper towel to dry while you prepare the egg yolk filling.
  8. Mash the egg yolks with a fork until they are the size of small crumbs.
  9. Add about a half a cup of mayonnaise (less if you prefer it drier and more if you prefer it creamier), salt, and pepper.
  10. Fill the eggs with the creamy yolk mixture.
  11. Scoop the filling into each egg half.
  12. Add any topping you would like (caper, pepper, chives, paprika, etc.).
  13. Delight in your festively green deviled eggs!