Not just another pretty face

The egg is more than a pantry staple. It is our silent partner in every baking challenge we take on in the kitchen, that missing ingredient that elevates every recipe we tackle and the ever-ready snack just waiting to be hard-boiled, peeled and devoured. Don’t let eggs be an afterthought this National Egg Month. It’s… Read more »

Whole Wheat Treat: Waffles

This recipe takes one of the best warm breakfasts there is and makes it healthier with the use of whole wheat flour. Waffles on a holiday morning can still be a treat, but one you can feel good about feeding your family with our Whole Wheat Waffle recipe. Whole Wheat Waffles Ingredients: • 1 ½… Read more »

Omelet Roll Up Recipe

Today we are sharing a recipe that is easy and fun. We love this recipe because it is really versatile. You can whip up a small batch for a quick snack or make it in a larger batch for an unexpected addition to your holiday brunch spread. Omelet Roll Up Ingredients: • 2 NestFresh Eggs… Read more »

Cinfully Simple Quesadilla

If you are exhausted from cooking last week, we have a simple recipe for you! In fact, it is Cinfully Simple. This recipe comes from our friend Cindy, who developed this quick, easy quesadilla recipe that is perfect for the days after Thanksgiving when you don’t feel like cooking anymore. Ingredients: • 1 tortilla •… Read more »