Southwestern Quiche

In honor of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, we have a delicious quiche recipe that features all of the most delicious Mexican flavors. This recipe is easy to customize—you can add any of your other favorite flavors from the Southwest or south of the border—corn, chilies, chorizo. The recipe is also easy to adjust… Read more »

Eggs in Passover and the Seder

NestFresh is excited to present the first guest post on our blog.  In honor of the celebration of Passover, which lasts through this Saturday, Rabbi Chaim Loike explains the importance and symbolism of eggs for Passover and in the seder. Passover, the most festive holiday of the Jewish calendar, is centered around the seder, the… Read more »

Ham and Egg Salad

Easter is just around the corner and I’ll bet many families are preparing to hardboil and dye eggs before Sunday. I love hardboiled eggs so much, I always make a few extra to enjoy after Easter, even after I eat up all the fun, pretty dyed ones. Besides eggs, I always find that I have… Read more »

All About Eggs

This is a great infographic showing some little known facts about eggs. Some of this information was new to us eggsperts at NestFresh. Amazing Egg Facts Infographic by JES Restaurant Equipment.

New Study: Choline in Eggs Aids Memory

According to a new study by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine, a lifetime of healthy eating may help memory function as one ages. explains that the participants in the study who consumed the most choline performed the best on memory tests. The senior research is quoted as saying “I think the message… Read more »

Composting with Eggs

Once the shorter, colder days of fall and winter roll around, there isn’t much time to work on the garden. A lot of gardens start to look a little neglected this time of year. I know mine is already overgrown and full of weeds. But there is something that you can do for your garden… Read more »

Recipe: Halloween Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes

I shared this delicious and festive recipe on our Facebook page last week in anticipation of Halloween. While I just wanted to share what I thought was a cute recipe, I had no intention of making them myself.  Fast forward to Halloween when I had some pumpkin leftover from a few other baking projects. I decided… Read more »

Summer Picnics

If your summer has been anything like mine so far, it has been filled with outdoor concerts, beach trips, hikes, and park BBQs. I have been packing up my picnic basket and cooler all summer long and one of my favorite things to to include in a picnic lunch is the classic egg salad sandwich.  Here is my favorite… Read more »

New Study: Eggs have Antioxidants!

Some eggs-iting news just came out about the healthfulness of our favorite food! A new study shows that eggs have almost twice the antioxidants found in an apple. While some are lost in cooking, these nutrients are very important to overall health, so many people are taking this as evidence that eggs reduce the risk… Read more »

Tell Us What You Think!

At NestFresh, our priorities have always been our hens and our consumers. That’s why we want to hear what you think about how we raise and house our hens. Take our short 9 questions survey and receive a coupon for a free dozen eggs. You can find the survey here. If you have any other… Read more »