New Study: Eggs have Antioxidants!

Some eggs-iting news just came out about the healthfulness of our favorite food! A new study shows that eggs have almost twice the antioxidants found in an apple. While some are lost in cooking, these nutrients are very important to overall health, so many people are taking this as evidence that eggs reduce the risk… Read more »

Tell Us What You Think!

At NestFresh, our priorities have always been our hens and our consumers. That’s why we want to hear what you think about how we raise and house our hens. Take our short 9 questions survey and receive a coupon for a free dozen eggs. You can find the survey here. If you have any other… Read more »

Weekday Breakfast: Sunrise Burrito

Often when people think eggs, they think breakfast. And when they think breakfast they lament the fact that they don’t have time to cook it up every morning. With access to an unlimited supply of eggs, I have a lot of opportunities to experiment with breakfast. This morning, I put together a nutritious, quick, and… Read more »


Welcome to the official blog of NestFresh Eggs, Colorado’s local 100% cage free egg company. We are excited to share egg information, recipes, coupons, company news, and local events with readers. Please feel free to leave comments in reply to posts and offer feedback on what you would like us to post about. While we… Read more »