Did you know that NestFresh has released a number of new products just in time to make the back to school season even easier on parents and kids?

We are really excited for parents and kids to try our new hard cooked eggs. These are our same delicious, nutritious eggs that are hard cooked, peeled, and ready-to-eat. The 2-packs come with salt and pepper, so they make the perfect addition to lunchboxes or a nutritious after school snack on the go. We also offer larger boxes to make meal prep even easier during the busy back to school season.

NestFresh Eggs are humane, sustainable eggs from family farms. They are free from hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful inputs so kids can enjoy the filling protein along with the countless vitamins and minerals that growing bodies need without any of the bad stuff.

Looking for some tips to make this school year a success? Always make sure kids have a filling, nutritious breakfast. Breakfast is so important to support learning and good behavior in school. To make mornings easier when school starts up, prepare breakfast the day before or even on Sunday night so you’re ready for the week. You can make a batch of egg muffins, breakfast burritos, or scrambled eggs that will last the week and get you out the door on time in those rushed mornings.