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Support Family Farms that Raise Happy Hens

While the first week in May was Be Kind to Animals Week, we believe in advocating for the humane treatment of animals all year long. And it’s easier than you might think to support humane animal care: Shop Certified Cage Free. Shop Pasture Raised. Shop NestFresh and let your wallet do the talking! It’s the… Read more »

Tricks of the Trade: Eggs

Even the most sophisticated home chef will tell you that some days, a good cooking hack is perfectly acceptable. As experts of all things eggs, we’d like to share a few tricks of the trade. Read on and you just might revolutionize the way you make some of your favorite staples, like an omelet or… Read more »

Trivia and Facts about the Incredible Egg

Since we here at NestFresh have an egg-cyclopedic knowledge of eggs, we wanted to share some of our favorite egg facts and trivia with you. • Eggs have every vitamin and mineral your body needs, except vitamin C. • A hen lays an egg about every 24-26 hours. • The size classifications for eggs, which… Read more »

Organic Myth Busting

September is National Organic Month! We are a proud member of the Organic Trade Association and we are so excited to join them this month to bust some common myths about organic agriculture and products. Throughout September, OTA is focusing on clearing up misconceptions about organics by deconstructing specific myths and presenting the real research-backed… Read more »

An Egg-ucation on Egg Terms

In our latest guest post from Colorado Egg Producers, our fellow Colorado egg farmers explain common egg terms and best practices. The average American today is at least three generations removed from the farm. This can make it tough for many to look past the grocery store shelf and truly understand where their food comes… Read more »

NestFresh is on YouTube!

We know that humane animal care is very important to you and part of that is understanding how NestFresh farms treat their hens. That is why we are always certified cage free and have lots of farm photos on our website. In order to give you an even better idea of what life is really… Read more »

How To Choose The Right Eggs

We are so proud of the way that we produce NestFresh Eggs! They come from family farms that are committed to producing humane, sustainable eggs. We try our best to explain exactly what makes our eggs and farms special on our packaging and website, but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…. Read more »

Are You What Your Hens Eat?

You have surely heard the saying “you are what you eat.” That is why you choose NestFresh, the best eggs! You know choosing cage free eggs from humane, sustainable farms is the best choice for you and your family. But, do you know what your hens eat? Did you know that the vast majority of… Read more »

How To Choose The Right Eggs

There’s just something about Sunday morning brunch in the springtime! Whether you’re chief pancake flipper or head omelet chef, start your day with the mightiest of ingredients … The egg! The eggs you cook with either set your meal up for glory or for mediocrity. How will you choose to fuel your day? Here are… Read more »

A Day in the Life of a NestFresh Free Range Hen

When we say we produce eggs with a conscience, we mean it! All of NestFresh’s eggs are humanely raised, which means that the hens that lay our eggs aren’t stifled by the confines of a cage. They aren’t crowded inside a barn. Nor are they sheltered from the light of day. Our hens are happy,… Read more »