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Savory Breakfast Biscuits

For those dads with little ones, Savory Breakfast Biscuits are perfect for a breakfast-in-bed to honor the mom in your life this Mother’s Day. Essentially mini quiches baked in muffin tins, these are quick to assemble so everyone can contribute and easy to customize so that the mom can get exactly what she wants while… Read more »

Southwestern Quiche

In honor of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, we have a delicious quiche recipe that features all of the most delicious Mexican flavors. This recipe is easy to customize—you can add any of your other favorite flavors from the Southwest or south of the border—corn, chilies, chorizo. The recipe is also easy to adjust… Read more »

Ham and Egg Salad

Easter is just around the corner and I’ll bet many families are preparing to hardboil and dye eggs before Sunday. I love hardboiled eggs so much, I always make a few extra to enjoy after Easter, even after I eat up all the fun, pretty dyed ones. Besides eggs, I always find that I have… Read more »

Recipe: Halloween Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes

I shared this delicious and festive recipe on our Facebook page last week in anticipation of Halloween. While I just wanted to share what I thought was a cute recipe, I had no intention of making them myself.  Fast forward to Halloween when I had some pumpkin leftover from a few other baking projects. I decided… Read more »

Summer Picnics

If your summer has been anything like mine so far, it has been filled with outdoor concerts, beach trips, hikes, and park BBQs. I have been packing up my picnic basket and cooler all summer long and one of my favorite things to to include in a picnic lunch is the classic egg salad sandwich.  Here is my favorite… Read more »

Weekday Breakfast: Sunrise Burrito

Often when people think eggs, they think breakfast. And when they think breakfast they lament the fact that they don’t have time to cook it up every morning. With access to an unlimited supply of eggs, I have a lot of opportunities to experiment with breakfast. This morning, I put together a nutritious, quick, and… Read more »