Once the shorter, colder days of fall and winter roll around, there isn’t much time to work on the garden. A lot of gardens start to look a little neglected this time of year. I know mine is already overgrown and full of weeds.


But there is something that you can do for your garden before spring comes.  Composting is good for the planet and your garden. It reduces the amount of waste your household produces and results in nutrient-dense soil.

And, NestFresh Eggs are great for composting. Both the shells and cartons from your NestFresh Eggs can go directly into your compost. Just rinse and dry the shells before crushing them into small pieces and adding them to your compost.  The 100% recycled paper carton can also be torn into small scraps to be added into compost. If your carton has a label, remove it before tearing up the carton.

So, enjoy the warm breakfast and baked goods made with NestFresh Eggs and throw the waste into your compost.  Your garden will thank you next spring.