Eggs come in a unique and versatile package perfect for a variety of arts and crafts, making finding inspiration for summer activities as easy as looking in your refrigerator. These egg carton planters are a perfect activity to teach children about gardening and re-using.


What you’ll need:

Seeds (grass, wildflowers, vegetables, beans, etc.)
NestFresh Eggs carton
6 eggs
Mini spoon
Push pin


1. Cut the carton in half and cut the lid off of the carton.

2. Encourage children to color and decorate the carton however they would like or with an emphasis on nature, plants, recycling, and gardening as this will be the planter that starts their mini-garden.

2. Punch a hole in the egg shells and, using a knife, remove the top third of the egg shells and drain their contents into a container.

3. Push pin into the bottom of each egg cup to create a drain at the bottom.

4. Fill each cup with soil using a small spoon and place in the carton. Sprinkle a few seeds into each cup and cover with a 1/4 inch soil.

5. Place the cartons outside or under a sunny window. Be sure to water frequently. Once you have strong sprouts, cut each carton cell apart, crinkle each egg shell cup, and place directly into the ground.


If you have a paper carton but no egg shells, place the soil directly into the compartments and grow your seedlings the same way.