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Aside from drinking the recommended amount of water to stay hydrated during these warm summer months, you should also consider eating foods that can help you remain hydrated. There are days when the heat outside seems to be unbearable. These are the days when you need to increase the liquid inside your body.

There are different symptoms that can help you know if you are dehydrated. Headache, dizziness, dry skin and intense feeling of thirst are just few of the different signs that will let you know that your body needs more water. Here is a list of foods that will help you satisfy your thirst:

The great thing about cucumber is the fact that it is 95% water. Its composition alone will help you understand that it is the perfect fruit to keep you hydrated. Aside from that, it also has anti-inflammatory content that helps you flush out toxins from the body. The effect is not only limited to a smoother skin. You will also be able to do away with skin irritations.

There are different benefits that you will be able to get from yogurt aside from hydration because of its water content that reaches up to 85 percent of its whole content. Yogurt contains pro-biotic, a live micro-organism that can be helpful in digestion. It is known to help in lowering fat in the body. Aside from that, it can also be an aid against constipation, body infections and stomach acidity. And it can also be very helpful in strengthening your immune system with its vitamin B, protein and calcium content.

There must be a great reason why the word water is added in the name of watermelon. It is not really difficult to guess that it contains 91% water when you look at its appearance. It is one of the best fruits that you can eat during summer. Aside from keeping you hydrated, it also contains great amount of lycopene. This can help you protect your skin from the sunlight. Well, this is one of the greatest reasons why you should eat more watermelon while you are busking under the sun during summer.

Coconut water
If you have an active lifestyle, coconut water is recommended for you. There are different reasons why athletes and other sports enthusiasts are drinking coconut water during their breaks. First of all, coconut water contains potassium and just the right amount of sodium. This is why it can keep you hydrated by keeping the water in the body while you go on with your activity makes you sweat intensely. So, instead of drinking energy drink, choose this healthier option that can keep you hydrated for long hours.

It may seem a bit odd to see rice on the list of foods that can help you remain hydrated. This is because of the reason that cooked rice contains 70% water. If you do not want to eat white rice because it will add more to your weight, you can consider brown or black rice. Aside from additional water, there are other benefits that you can get from rice. It contains different vitamins and minerals including iron, magnesium, fiber and potassium. With all these, you can be sure that you are also getting enough nutrients from it.

Avocados are amazing because it is not only packed with different nutrients, it can also be a great source of water. Firstly, it is rich in vitamin E and B. It also contains folate and fiber. And to top it all, it has 60-70% water content to help you satisfy your thirst.

Iceberg lettuce
This vegetable also contains 95% water. You can always have this together with other fruits and vegetables in a bowl of salad. Aside from keeping you hydrated, it can also boost your immune system with its nutrient content. So instead of eating junk food for snacks, why don’t you just make some salad with iceberg lettuce in it?

This is one of the best fruits to be eaten during summer. Aside from hydrating you, it is also an effective antioxidant. You can also eat this if you have having some digestion problem. Papaya has nutrients that can help you boost your immune system.

Egg, Letuce and Avocado BLT
If you are looking for the best recipe for your snack, this is a something that can help you hydrate your body. You will need wheat bread, a slice of avocado, lettuce, tomato and egg for this recipe. You can also add bacon strips if you want to add more flavor to it. You do not need sauce for this healthy sandwich. You can eat this during your snack.

The common denominator of all the different foods enumerated above is the amount of nutrients that they can give you. If you want to remain hydrated while you are exercising or doing your workout, you should add the different foods enumerated above to your daily diet. There are different ways to consume fruits and vegetables; all you need is to be creative in preparing.