Did you know NestFresh Eggs are produced at farms all over the country? We work with family farmers to humanely produce eggs on farms that really care for the land and animals. We are so proud of the high standards all of our farmers follow and we love to give you a glimpse into what life is like for the hens on NestFresh farms.

These are some photos from a recent visit to Illinois to see some of our Non-GMO farms. These farms are not only cage free, allowing the hens the freedom to move about the barn at all times, but they are also free range, allowing the hens to get outside and enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and foraging in the grass.

The barns are equipped to make the hens as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible. They have nestboxes, dustbathing areas, and perches to encourage the hens’ natural behaviors.

You may have heard people ask whether the chicken or the egg came first. Well, at NestFresh, the hen always comes first and you can see that when you see the great care our farmers take to ensure the hens are raised humanely and live on beautiful farms.