Easter is just around the corner and I’ll bet many families are preparing to hardboil and dye eggs before Sunday. I love hardboiled eggs so much, I always make a few extra to enjoy after Easter, even after I eat up all the fun, pretty dyed ones.

Besides eggs, I always find that I have a lot of left-over ham after Easter as well. I developed this Ham and Egg Salad as a way to combine the best of my Easter left-overs and to welcome in Egg Salad Week, which is the week immediately following Easter every year.

Ham and Egg Salad Sandwiches
Hands-on Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes
Serves: 4

2 cups chopped ham
6 hardboiled NestFresh Eggs, chopped
2 green onions, sliced
1/4 cup mayonnaise
4 Tablespoons dijon mustard
2 Tablespoons cider vinegar
1 handful fresh parsley, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
4 crusty rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles to serve

1. Mix ingredients together thoroughly.
2. Chill mixture in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to allow flavors to mix.
3. Spoon mixture onto rolls and top with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes.

If you and your family really enjoy this recipe, it can be used at BBQs, picnics, and boxed lunches. There are also greens in the form of green onion, parsley, lettuce and pickles, so this could make a great addition to a Green Eggs and Ham party or lesson as well.