There’s just something about Sunday morning brunch in the springtime! Whether you’re chief pancake flipper or head omelet chef, start your day with the mightiest of ingredients … The egg!

The eggs you cook with either set your meal up for glory or for mediocrity. How will you choose to fuel your day? Here are 3 things to keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for this powerhouse super food. Who knows? The next Croque Madame you whip up might be the best yet thanks to your eggs!

A nutty nutrition fact for health nuts: Did you know that pasture raised eggs have 7x the amount of beta-carotene and 66% more vitamin A than commodity eggs? They also have 33% less cholesterol and 25% less saturated fat!

What came first? The chicken or the egg? We’ll admit we’re stumped there … But we do know that NestFresh hens are treated like royalty because simply put, a healthy egg starts with a healthy hen. All of our eggs are always 100% cage free. That means no matter which NestFresh Eggs you choose, you can be sure that the hens that laid your eggs had room to roam around large barns. The same can’t be said for hens that lay commodity eggs!

When it comes down to it, NestFresh Cage Free Eggs simply taste better! With a darker yolk and a fuller taste than commodity eggs, you know you’re buying the freshest eggs available. There’s no argument there, is there? We didn’t think so!