We believe in doing what we say we do, every single day. That's our INT-EGG-RITY™ promise: integrity to our hens, to our farmers, and to you.

Our hens live just as nature intended

We treat our hens with care and respect, like the queens that they are. They're the gems of our pastures, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Meet our Happy Hens

We treat our farmers like they deserve

It's no surprise that farming is hard work. But it is surprising how many farmers in the U.S. struggle to make a living by doing what they love to do most – feeding Americans. We think that's work worth rewarding well, so we do just that. We pay our farmers a living wage, so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Meet our Farmers

NestFresh free-range and pasture-raised shell eggs are certified by Certified Humane and appear on the ASPCA®'s Shop With Your Heart® list of certified products.

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Our Certifications

Every single product we make is third-party certified. We choose to be held to the highest standards by external certifiers, because we know how much it matters to you to avoid buying any products that use greenwashing in their marketing... since we meet (and often exceed) every standard that our certifiers require of us, you can trust that we do the right thing – every time.

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