One of the hottest food trends sweeping the nation right now? The infusion of global flavors! This year, take your local eats to a new level with rich spices and worldly recipes.

Luckily for us, the egg is beloved worldwide. So, here’s to taking a crack at something new! Whether you’d like to try Asian cuisine or you’re adventurous enough to give Middle Eastern a taste, there’s just one simple rule you need to remember: Buy local!

Take a trip to Asia with our Pad Thai. Fresh bean sprouts, sweet baby corn and rich peanuts all come together to compliment our scrambled NestFresh eggs in a savory symphony of flavor!

Travel abroad to Africa
with our Shakshouka. This international recipes is not quite as intimidating as it sounds. So, break out the jalapeno peppers, the cumin and the hot smoked paprika for a spicy dish featuring NestFresh eggs and all topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Road trip to Mexico anyone? Our Southwestern Quiche is easily customizable and full of flavor, all held by a flaky crust. Who knew cage-free eggs could hold so much potential? We did!