We know that humane animal care is very important to you and part of that is understanding how NestFresh farms treat their hens. That is why we are always certified cage free and have lots of farm photos on our website.

In order to give you an even better idea of what life is really like for our cage free and free range hens, we have launched a YouTube channel with videos of our farms. Of course, the hens are the stars of the show. You can see how happy the hens on our farms are as they cluck and peck and run about.

Check out one of our first videos, showing how much space our free range hens have in the outdoor access area. They love to soak up the sunlight, get some fresh air, forage in the plants, run around, and socialize with one another.

We launched this YouTube channel in order to give you a good idea of the more humane, more natural life our hens live. Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see more of our videos.