We are overjoyed to announce brand new NestFresh products and the addition of new stores carrying our humane, sustainable products.

We have improved our Pasture Raised eggs.  They are now Certified Humane and from farms that provide at least 108 square foot per bird of outdoor pasture.  We’ve also added new products including Pasture Raised Soy Free, Pasture Raised Organic, and Pasture Raised Non-GMO Project Verified eggs.

We have also added hard cooked eggs to our line of humane, sustainable eggs from family farms.  These offer our same NestFresh Eggs now hard cooked and peeled for added convenience.  They make a great snack or meal prep shortcut.


Our Non-GMO Free Range Eggs are now available in Publix Super Markets and our Cage Free Hard Cooked Eggs, Pasture Raised Organic Eggs and Pasture Raised Eggs can be purchased in Harris Teeter stores.

We are so happy to be able to serve more people who share our values of humane animal care, family farming and sustainable agriculture while making pasture raised, organic and non-GMO products even more accessible. We’re proud to now be distributed in Publix and Harris Teeter, offering health-conscious and environmentally conscious consumers in the Southeast high quality eggs from humane, sustainable family farms.

To see a complete list of stores that carry our eggs, visit our Where to Buy map.