New Organic Farm to Provide Local Eggs

We’re very excited to announce a new addition to our farm family! The new farm will feature barns with outdoor access, perch space, nest boxes, and dust bathing areas built exclusively for NestFresh chickens. Once finished, the many barns will be home to 15,000 hens and supply Colorado with over 4 millions local, organic eggs every year.


The new farm sits against a gorgeous view of the mountains and surrounding pasture. After construction is over, the brown dirt will transform into a sea of green.

Small, local farms like this provide healthier and more sustainable options for Coloradans. Better quality of life for the hens means higher quality NestFresh eggs.


This is definitely not your average barn. Barns are important for laying eggs, shelter, and to make naturally fearful hens feel safe. Inside each barn, roomy nests and roosts leave plenty of space for chickens to move, feed, and well… be chickens!

Some areas surrounding the barns even have some beautiful undisturbed pasture. In addition to established grazing areas, even more pasture is being expanded and cultivated. Letting the hens roam and scavenge outside provides a more natural environment and suppliments their otherwise vegetarian diet.

Some very hard workers also spent a lot of time planting new trees around the building and pasture. Shaded areas will keep the hens comfortable all year round. When it gets hot, farmers will move water outside to keep the hens hydrated.


If you look closely behind the mesh fence, you’ll notice a wheel irrigation system. Meant for oddly shaped fields, dust supression, and smaller areas, a wheel irrigation system moves under its own power and can be conveniently disassembled. The pasture area above has recently been reseeded and we’re looking forward to seeing fresh new grass.


Chickens don’t wash with water like we do. Instead, they use dust and soil to clean their feathers and keep away parasites. Dust baths are provided to keep the hens happy and healthy without the use of antibiotics.

Some NestFresh hens are already enjoying their new home. I wonder what they think of all the hustle and bustle around their barn?