We recently unveiled our brand new packaging. One of the changes that we made to our labels when designing the new packaging was adding a statement to comply with new regulations in the state of California.

As of New Year’s Day 2015, the state of California is requiring that eggs comply with regulations that address stocking density for hens and product labeling. Regardless of which state the eggs are produced in, the new regulations require a minimum of 116-322 square inches per hen depending on the number of hens in the enclosure. They also require a statement on the packaging that identifies the eggs as being compliant with these and other regulations in the California Shell Egg Food Safety regulation.

We have added the CA SEFS Compliant statement onto all of our NestFresh packaging. The statement is short for California Shell Egg Food Safety Compliant. We use our packaging nationwide, so this addition to our packaging keeps us in good standing in California. It does not mean that the egg were produced or shipped from California, just that they are compliant with the regulations there.

We are proud to exceed the minimums set by this regulation. We have always been committed to the highest level of health and welfare for our hens, including always being 100% cage free. Each of our hens has at least 1.5 square feet throughout the barn, more than the regulations require. We also provide nestboxes, dustbathing area, and perches for our cage free hens and these are not addressed in the regulations. To learn more about our humane treatment and third party verification for our cage free hens, read about our Certified Cage Free commitment.

For more information about our eggs visit our FAQ page and for more information about the new regulations visit Animal Health and Food Safety Services Division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.