In a lot of ways, producing eggs is easy. We make sure our hens are happy and healthy and they do what comes naturally—laying eggs. We do take extra steps beyond this simple formula to make sure that the eggs we sell are high quality and safe to eat.

Our farms follow a number of food safety and biosecurity protocols. Some are mandated by federal, state, and local laws while others are best practices our farms have developed over years raising healthy hens and producing safe food.

The commitment to keeping our hens and the food we produce safe starts before the hens even arrive on the farm. Our barns and equipment are thoroughly cleaned before our hens arrive. Those hens arrive vaccinated against common diseases, much like we are as children.

Throughout the hens’ lives, we conduct testing on them and their environment for any disease. We also monitor the barns and any outdoor areas to make sure they are protected against wild birds or other carriers of disease. We make sure they have clean food and water to enjoy.

Once the hens lay their eggs, we take just as much care. We refrigerate the eggs soon after they are laid to protect their safety and quality. They are refrigerated during any transport and at our plants that check them for quality, sort them, and pack them. We track every egg we sell so that we have records if we ever need to investigate an issue with a certain batch of eggs.

We also welcome your feedback if you ever have any issues with your eggs. That information is tracked as well.

We hope this helps you see how much goes into producing safe, high quality, and affordable food for you. Do you have any questions about how we produce and prepare eggs for market? Let us know and we would be happy to answer them.