NestFresh Eggs was founded many years ago by a family that wanted to produce the alternative to regular eggs. At the time, the farmers committed to producing 100% cage free eggs so that all of the hens would be happy and healthy, able to move freely throughout the barn and engage in natural behaviors. Each barn was equipped with furnishings to encourage natural behaviors. Perches, nestboxes, and dustbathing areas were required so the hens could socialize, perch, preen, and nest as they liked. From the beginning we also prohibited the use of hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products.

Since then, we have continued to stay true to this founding value of humane animal care. We continue to innovate on our farms and act as leaders in providing a more humane, more natural way of life for our hens.

This includes working with even more family farms across the country to build new farms that go beyond cage free. Our newer farms are free range and pasture raised. Free range farms provide a minimum or 2 square feet per bird of outdoor area. Our pasture raised farms provide a minimum of 108 square feet per bird. The hens enjoy ample room to forage in the grass, bask in the sunshine, and breathe fresh air.

Another way we have strengthened our commitment to humane animal care on our farms is through third party certifiers. They provide independent oversight of our farms with inspections and audits to ensure they are handling all of their hens with care and following the highest standards.

We thank you for continuing to grow with us as farmers and egg producers and support products that share your values. Your choice of our pasture raised and free range eggs help us to continue raising happy, health hens.