Poached eggs aren’t just for Eggs Benedict! Top a fresh summer salad or put the finishing touches on a bowl of Sweet Pea and Potato Pasta with this simple ingredient.

Wondering how to master the elusive poached egg? Here are our expert tips:

1. Start with shallow water. Shallow water keeps the egg contained and minimizes its ability to move up and down.

2. Gently simmer the water. Boiling water is likely to tear the fragile egg whites, so try bringing your water to a roiling boil. Then, reduce the heat so that only a few small bubbles rise to the surface while your egg is in the water.

3. Add a squeeze of lemon. A splash of lemon in the water can help the egg whites to set more quickly, ensuring a beautiful presentation!

4. Fresh eggs for the win. Using fresh eggs (like our Certified Cage-Free) reduces the likelihood that you’ll end up with something closer to egg drop soup than poached eggs.

5. Perfect the runny egg yolk. Just about four minutes will allow the egg yolk to remain runny while five minutes will allow it to become smooth and custard-like. It’s all a matter of preference!

Have clever cooking tips of your own? Leave us a comment with your most egg-cellent tip.