We recently worked with the blog Mother Rimmy’s Cooking Light Done Right to share a Q+A with one of the family farmers. She was interested in talking to one of the farmers that we work with and educating her readers about what life is like for NestFresh farmers. We loved her questions so much and thought our farmer’s information was so great, we wanted to share it on our blog in case anyone missed it. If you are curious about farming or what our farms are like, read on for more information from one of our farmers.

• Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in Illinois. We are part of a group of farmers that work together to care for our hens, producing their feed and raising them in cage free barns to produce eggs.

• How long have you been farming?

I have been farming all my life. My family is made up of farmers, so I was born into it and continue to farm in a traditional way.

• What else do you raise on your farm?

In addition to egg-laying hens, we also raise cattle.

• Can you explain the differences between cage free, free-range and organic, and why you chose to farm cage free chickens?

Cage free eggs come from hens fed an all-natural antibiotic free diet. And, of course, they are not kept in cages, but move throughout the barn as they like. Free range hens live in a similar barn, but they also have access to the outdoors so they can also move freely in the sunlight, grass, and fresh air. Our free range hens have really large areas outside areas and we can rotate where they graze. Organic eggs come from hens that are cage free and free range, but they are also fed an organic diet. We chose to farm cage free for many reasons. We are able to produce a high quality egg for people and we like the idea of farming in an all-natural way. We prefer not to use chemicals to farm. We like the idea of a small family farm where we can work with our children and teach them work ethics and really enjoy being in food production.

• What is your favorite way to prepare your eggs?

I love eggs sunny side up with lots of red pepper, a few strips of bacon and grapefruit juice to drink with it.

• Do you eat eggs every day? Do you ever tire of eating eggs with such an abundance available to you?

I don’t eat eggs every day, but I also don’t get tired of them. Eggs are one of my favorite foods and there is nothing I would rather have for breakfast.

• These days city chicken farming, or urban farming as it’s sometimes called, is very popular. Do you have advice for would-be chicken farmers?

I have a lot of advice, but how you care for chickens really depends on a lot of things such as where the person lives and what sort of set up they have. So, it is important to do your research to understand what the chickens need to be happy and healthy and also how you can best provide that in your local area.

• Why did you choose to work with NestFresh? What about this company appealed to you?

We love being part of NestFresh’s farms. Everyone is great to work with and they are committed to the same things we are—humane animal care, natural farming, and producing high quality eggs for people.

Thanks to our friend Mother Rimmy for asking such great questions and allowing us to re-share her Q+A. Visit her blog for her favorite recipes for using NestFresh Eggs!