Summer break is approaching and kids will soon be looking for ways to keep busy. Luckily, NestFresh has a solution for the dreaded and inevitable “I’m bored!” We are sharing our list of some of the best egg carton crafts. Using egg cartons for crafts teaches kids ingenuity, imagination, creativity, and how to re-use materials to make something fun out of something that would normally be thrown away. Egg cartons also make an affordable starting point for many projects since you most likely have them on hand right now. So, let’s get crafty!

Egg Carton Paint Dish

Color Sorting And Learning Game

Planters For Gardening

Countless Animals From Camels To Sea Monsters

Decorative Bug Mobile


Homemade Checkerboard

Pretty Colorful Wreath

Blooming Flowers

Glittering Wind Chime

Do you have any additional ideas for egg carton crafts?