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Secrets to the Perfect Frittata

The perfect frittata is an elusive delicacy for many home chefs. Don’t get hung up on the details! Follow these simple steps for making the frittata foolproof. Hint: Remember, the frittata is a great vehicle for leftovers! Toss in those miscellaneous veggies with fresh eggs for a one-of-a-kind dish or use it as the perfect… Read more »

Fuel Your Summer With Eggs

Our friends at Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association are sharing all of the benefits eggs have to offer this summer from the pocketbook to the waistline. They encourage you to fuel your body with a healthy diet, including eggs, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and fun outdoor activities the season has to offer…. Read more »

Morning Mix-and-Match

If you think you don’t have the culinary know-how to build your own custom omelets for a gourmet breakfast, we have an easy mix-and-match cheat sheet that will help you take your morning meal to egg-straordinary! Start with the basics below and add 1 or 2 elements from each category that follows. The Basics: 3… Read more »