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Tips from Our Winner: Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine

We’ve crowned the winner of this year’s Egg-cellent Baking Contest and have heard from so many people that love the winning recipe, so we thought we’d reconnect with the home chef behind America’s favorite Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine. Get Nancy H.’s tips and tricks, and your Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine might be just as fabulously… Read more »

Annnnnd the winner is …

Our First Annual Egg-cellent Baking Contest went off without a hitch, and we have to say, all of you talented chefs out there did not make choosing a winner easy! We’re so proud to introduce you to this year’s winning home chef and her prize-worthy recipe. Say hello to Nancy H. from Las Vegas for… Read more »

Q & A with the Egg-sperts

You asked. We answered. Here’s what’s been weighing on your minds this month! Q: What flavor profiles best compliment the flavor of fresh eggs? A: Because eggs are such a versatile (and lovely!) ingredient to cook with, the flavors you incorporate into each recipe depend completely on your taste preferences, as well as the other… Read more »