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National Egg Salad Week

We’re making the most of the egg this month. It’s time to take the protein packed hard cooked egg from simple snack to energy boosting meal! Egg salad might be the most underappreciated recipe in the cookbook, we’re bringing it back with four “pin”-able, “tweet”-able, “like”-able recipes for every foodie. What’s your favorite way to… Read more »

An Egg-celent Sandwich Recipe

Looking for some lunchbox inspiration? Today, we are sharing our recipe for egg salad sandwiches with a homemade egg white mayonnaise. This recipe makes two sandwiches for a couple of brown bag lunches for school or work. Egg Salad Sandwiches with Egg White Mayonnaise Ingredients • 4 NestFresh Eggs • 1/3 cup of egg white… Read more »

Ham and Egg Salad

Easter is just around the corner and I’ll bet many families are preparing to hardboil and dye eggs before Sunday. I love hardboiled eggs so much, I always make a few extra to enjoy after Easter, even after I eat up all the fun, pretty dyed ones. Besides eggs, I always find that I have… Read more »