In a world where everyone is talking about New Year resolutions, we’re all about the non-resolution.

You see, 365 days from now, just eight percent of those who made promises to themselves to get fit, to travel more and to learn a new language will have accomplished their goals.

We want to make easy changes in our lives so we can actually stick to them. Not just through the month of January but all year long!

Never go a day without an egg. Pasture raised eggs have seven times the amount of beta-carotene and sixty-six percent more vitamin A than commodity eggs. Look for dark yolks and bright whites to get the richest flavor and most benefits out of each serving.

Go organic. More than 90 percent of the pesticides Americans consume are found in the fat and tissue of meat and dairy products. We put good in and you get good out. Our organic hens are fed 100 percent organic feed, ultimately giving your organic eggs their classification!

Eat this, not that. Revamp your morning routine with a scrambled egg recipe that will set you up for success. Instead of butter, try using a little coconut oil. This is one superfood that has amazing benefits from reducing your risk of heart disease to improving brain function! Instead of your usual milk, give anti-inflammatory goat’s milk a try!

2016 just might be your year; Make your non-resolution stick!