We’ve crowned the winner of this year’s Egg-cellent Baking Contest and have heard from so many people that love the winning recipe, so we thought we’d reconnect with the home chef behind America’s favorite Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine.

Get Nancy H.’s tips and tricks, and your Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine might be just as fabulously flavorful as hers!

1. What was the inspiration behind your Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine?

My recipe for Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine is an adaptation of an old church recipe I tried long ago. But because I’m ingredient conscious, I made a few tweaks. I love cooking with curry, so I added it to the recipe and once I did, I knew that fresh lump crabmeat would take the flavor to the next level!

2. During what occasions do you typically serve Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine? How do you serve it? Is it accompanied by any particular side dishes or is it a stand-alone dish?

Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine is perfect for luncheons, special occasions like Mother’s Day brunch, potlucks and casual family celebrations. It’s hot in Las Vegas, which makes it a great summer dish. Serve with a light salad or fruit for simple meal that doesn’t require much oven time.

3. Do you have any baking tips for readers trying your Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine for the first time?

My recipe for Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine is great because it gives you the freedom to really make it your own. If you don’t particularly like Gruyere, for instance, I suggest using Swiss cheese.

Have fun adding fresh herbs and spices you love, but don’t skimp on the curry! The beauty of this dish is that it has been known to convert even the pickiest of eaters who may not yet know they love curry!

4. Why do you choose to use NestFresh?

I usually buy my eggs at my local Whole Foods, and when I pick up a carton of NestFresh eggs, I know that they’ll be fresh. I love that they’re cage free and organic. It’s important to me that I know where my food comes from.

5. What is the value of using quality ingredients, like NestFresh, in your recipes? Do they truly make a difference?

Speaking from a health perspective, ingredients most certainly do make a difference. When you know that you’re putting good in, you can ensure that you get good out. Especially with a crowd-pleaser like Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine, I want to make sure that I’m feeding my friends and family a dish that I trust. A great recipe starts with transparency and truly quality ingredients.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, give Nancy’s Curried Crab Quiche Lorraine a try. Trust us, there’s a reason it won this year’s Egg-cellent Baking Contest!