Even the most sophisticated home chef will tell you that some days, a good cooking hack is perfectly acceptable. As experts of all things eggs, we’d like to share a few tricks of the trade. Read on and you just might revolutionize the way you make some of your favorite staples, like an omelet or fried egg.

1. Simplify your hardboiled eggs. By cooking your eggs in a cupcake tin at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, you can make your mornings that much easier.
2. Fool proof your omelet. Crack your eggs, whisk, add your favorite mix-ins and pour … into a waffle iron for the easiest-ever omelet! Need a recipe with an abundance of flavor? Give our Fiesta-in-a-Flash Omelet a try!
3. Use Julia Child’s poached egg trick. Boil your egg for ten seconds before cracking it into water, and you’ll achieve a perfectly oval poached shape. Thanks Julia!
4. Revolutionize your fried egg. Cook your sunny side up egg in the middle of an onion ring or a bell pepper ring to take a simple recipe for egg-in-a-hole to the next level
5. Cook your scrambled eggs to perfection. The best scrambled eggs should be cooked slowly over low to medium low heat, stirring constantly. BONUS TIP! Adding butter to the pan before adding your scrambled eggs will make them that much richer.