Since we here at NestFresh have an egg-cyclopedic knowledge of eggs, we wanted to share some of our favorite egg facts and trivia with you.

• Eggs have every vitamin and mineral your body needs, except vitamin C.
• A hen lays an egg about every 24-26 hours.
• The size classifications for eggs, which run from peewee to super jumbo, are based on the egg’s weight.
• There are about 280 million egg-laying hens in the U.S. Each hen lays 250 to 300 eggs every year, totaling about 75 billion eggs!
• Because eggs are so versatile, it is said that each of the many folds in a chef’s hat symbolizes a different way to cook eggs.
• As a hen ages, she begins to produce larger eggs.
• Hens can sometimes produce eggs with more than one yolk or with no yolk at all.

What are some egg-celent things you know about eggs? What are some questions you have about eggs?