NestFresh was founded over 20 years ago by a family that wanted to produce the alternative to regular eggs. Since then, everything we do is guided by a set of values that developed from the original founding, guiding our family farms in their quest to produce more natural eggs. The first entry in this series on our values discusses our commitment to animal welfare. Our focus for this part of our values series is our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Our family farms show their commitment to sustainable agriculture in many ways. None of our farms use antibiotics, which helps protect the land and water on the farm and also protects human health. Many of our farms, like those that produce our pasture raised, non-GMO, or organic eggs go extra lengths to protect the land and earth.

Our pasture raised farms utilize rotational pasturing to protect the land from overuse. Our Non-GMO farms promote genetic diversity and natural plant strains by using Non-GMO Project Verified feed. This keeps more farm land from being converted to GMO crops. Our organic farms use natural methods prescribed in the USDA organic standards. This includes avoiding harmful pesticides.

As we continue to learn more about sustainable ways to produce eggs, we continue to innovate on our farms and act as leaders. Your choice of our pasture raised and free range eggs help us to continue raising happy, health hens while protecting the Earth.