Spring has sprung and even though our NestFresh families are #StayingAtHome, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Easter with those closest to us. DIY Easter crafts and activities are a great way to bring a bit of springtime inspiration to your home. Embrace togetherness with these fun at-home easter activities for a cozy day in.

1.) Plant a Mini Indoor Flower Garden

This is a great way to do at-home easter activities while also getting a little fresh air! Bring those beautiful flowers inside this spring with a miniature garden! Indoor plants are a great way to brighten up a room and add a burst of freshness to any space. You don’t need to have a green thumb to get started — or a patio for that matter.

Try a pint-sized herb garden or a vertical hanging array. Marigolds, orchids, and even lilies do well indoors, along with more colorful floral varieties like hibiscus. Beginner gardeners may prefer to play it safe with a creative succulent arrangement or a miniature faerie garden.

2.) DIY Easter Egg Dye

It wouldn’t be Easter without dying some eggs! Coloring Easter eggs is one of the time-honored traditions that everyone looks forward to. Get creative this year with unique patterns and designs like retro polka dots, galaxy sparkles, and pretty pastels. 

You can take your egg artistry to the next level by using washi tape, stickers, stamps, and hair ties to create dazzling masterpieces. The best part of this simple craft idea is that you can use ingredients readily available from your cupboard. Food coloring, water, and vinegar are all it takes to bring your Easter celebration to life.

3.) Host an Egg and Spoon Race

Looking for some at-home Easter activities and a way to burn some energy and keep the kiddos entertained? Indoor games are the perfect plan for an Easter day at home. 

Move some furniture around to create an obstacle course, break out those colored eggs, and grab a few spoons. A relay race is a great time for kids of all ages and parents too! Come up with “trophies” for the quickest time, best egg design, and a grand prize winner. A little friendly competition is sure to work up an appetite just in time for dinner. 

Family decorating easter eggs at the kitchen table, at-home Easter activities concept

4.) Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

No need to forgo the traditional egg hunt this year. Indoor Easter egg hunts are a chance to make memories and enjoy plenty of laughs. This is one of the best at-home Easter activities, and kids of any age love it! 

Use your yard, living room, upstairs, kitchen — you name it! If you’re looking to make the most of a small space, try a scavenger hunt with clues and maps to make the game last longer. Hide chocolates, candies, and small toys throughout the house for the kids to find (and parents to sneak for a well-earned reward).

5.) Cozy Up with Story Time

Once the sugar high has worn off and Easter dinner is settling in, enjoy a quiet moment with the family. Pick out your children’s favorite Easter storybooks and unplug. Grab the cocoa, blankets, and pajamas, then cozy up for what might soon become an annual tradition. 

If you’re lacking in Easter-themed stories, try an adding some audiobooks to your list in advance of the big day. Coloring books are also a great idea for younger children to feel engaged while getting in some much needed “calm down” time. With tablets, computers, and phones stealing away our attention, now is the perfect time to make the most of togetherness with family memories and quiet moments.

NestFresh is committed to supporting small businesses and local farmers with fresh, Non-GMO Project Verified Eggs that are always humane certified to ensure your family enjoys the all-natural goodness this Easter. Share your holiday inspiration with us and let us know what your new at-home Easter tradition is!