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We're firm believers: happy hens make the finest eggs. Letting our feathered friends roam outdoors means they get to peck, scratch, dust bathe, and just be themselves, living their birdy best lives!

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“The thing I love the most about being a poultry farmer is just the chickens themselves. I love being around them."

Brown Farm

Meet Larry

When Larry first began farming, he produced eggs for a large company that kept their birds confined in small cages indoors for their entire lives. “I was with another company and it was a caged hen facility; I did not enjoy it at all. I sold that farm and I was able to buy this farm. My fondest memory was the day I bought it, and I haven’t had a bad day out here since. The thing I love most about being a poultry farmer is just the chickens themselves, I love being around them. Always have.”

NestFresh free-range and pasture-raised shell eggs are certified by Certified Humane and appear on the ASPCA®'s Shop With Your Heart® list of certified products.

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In an industry rife with greenwashing and marketing speak, we stand out because we actually do what we say we do.

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