You may know that NestFresh works with family farmers all over the country and that our eggs are available nationwide, but did you know that we had humble beginnings in Colorado? NestFresh was founded in 1991 when a family from Colorado wanted to create a company that reflected their views on animal welfare and sustainability. In our early years, all of our eggs were produced and sold in Colorado and we soon became Colorado’s favorite eggs.

Because Colorado is our home base, we proudly celebrate Colorado Proud Month every August. Here are 3 undeniable reasons NestFresh is Colorado Proud!

#1 We support the Colorado community as a whole.

NestFresh is just one food and agriculture company that is part of the Colorado Proud movement. The agricultural sector in our state contributes more than $40 billion to the state’s economy each year and provides more than 173,000 jobs.

By choosing local food, you are supporting the farms and families in our own state that produce that food.

#2 We support local farms.

Supporting local farms is a value we hold tightly on to. To us, working with family farmers means making a commitment to using farms that do so much more for their communities than produce eggs. They help to develop more self-reliant and stronger food networks, giving their local economy a boost acting as stewards for the land and animals under their care and making a social statement in the process.

Did you know?

By shopping for products you know come from companies built on a model of sustainability, you can make an even larger impression on your own community. NestFresh makes it clear that we care about the quality and health of our hens as well as the quality and health of our eggs, all while keeping our impact on the community in mind.

#3 The first Non-GMO Project Verified egg started right here.

Few topics in the food industry are as hot as the topic of non-GMOs. Non-GMO Project Verified foods are in high demand. Not only does a verified egg support the farming of natural soy and corn, reducing the amount of farmland dedicated to growing such GMOs, but it also ensures biodiversity and food security.

Did you know?

NestFresh pioneered the first Non-GMO Project Verified egg. It’s true! Check it out here.

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