For the final installment of blog posts focusing on the values that drive NestFresh, we are explaining our partnerships with family farms across the country. If you missed them, the first entry in this series on our values discussed our commitment to animal welfare and the second entry focused on our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

NestFresh partners with family farms across the United States. The network we have created benefits farmers, communities, the environment, and NestFresh fans like you. In our early years, NestFresh Eggs were produced and sold exclusively in Colorado, and we soon became Colorado’s favorite egg brand. When we set out to expand and offer our eggs across the country, we had to find a way to continue producing eggs locally at family farms. To do so, we began partnering with family farms to produce and supply farm fresh NestFresh Eggs in a local, sustainable system across the country.

Each of these family farms is a local business that provides numerous jobs within the community, supports other local businesses, and is working along with other local farms in our network. Each family farm shares our commitment to animal welfare and stewardship of the land. Every one of these farms is inspected by auditors committed to animal welfare to ensure that these farms live up to the highest standards for humane animal care and sustainable agriculture. That means that every NestFresh farm across the country meets our high standards for happy, healthy hens.

These partnerships with family farms mean that by choosing NestFresh Eggs, you are supporting family farmers and local business that are working together to produce fresh, local eggs that are produced in a humane and sustainable way.