Heirloom Eggs

These special eggs will take you back to a time when local family farms produced delicious, farm-fresh food for the people in their communities. We call them heirloom eggs because they harken back to more traditional ways of farming.

These eggs come from unique, traditional hen breeds rather than the brown and white hens normally seen in commercial egg farms. They have beautiful natural variation in color including white, brown, gray, black, and spotted.

The breeds are a mix of breeds, including crossbreeds. Most farms across the country only use one of two breeds, so we are helping to bring back these diverse breeds in agriculture. Our farms mix these breeds into single flocks. Rather than separate the hens by breed as most commercial egg farms do, our farms allow the hens to socialize and live together.

The result of these special hens and our mixed flocks are eye-catching eggs that come in a wide range of colors. Just like the hens, the eggs have natural variations in color. You can see the difference as the eggs are visible in the plastic cartons, illustrating how special these hens are and why it is important to keep them as part of our agriculture and farming traditions.

The farms that raise these special birds also embrace a more traditional way of producing eggs. The hens are Pasture Raised with 108 square feet per bird outdoors and Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. In addition to having pasture area to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and foraging, the hens enjoy cage-free barns with furnishings to encourage their natural behaviors. These eggs come from local Texas family farms, so choosing these eggs means supporting local farmers. Locally produced foods support the livelihoods of families as well as their local communities.

As with all NestFresh products, NestFresh Heirloom Eggs are produced with our values of humane animal care, sustainable agriculture and family farming at the core. Our hens are never treated with added hormones or antibiotics and they are never fed animal byproducts Our cartons are made from recycled material and are recyclable. The plastic keeps the eggs fresher while reducing tampering to limit food waste, a major contributor to landfills.

The family farms that produce our Heirloom Eggs follow our pasture raised standards.

NestFresh Heirloom Eggs