Food Service & Manufacturing

NestFresh understands that it isn’t just our customers who want their eggs served with a side of conscience. If you are a USDA Organic Certified or Non-GMO Project Verified brand, you need the ingredients to back up your label. That’s why we offer all our USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Certified, Certified Humane, and OU Kosher certified products in bulk packaging formats. This way, we ensure our wholesale customers have the humane alternatives to regular eggs their animal-conscious customers expect from their brands.

Need a different certification? We work with many different certifiers to ensure our retail and wholesale egg products follow the same high standards for humane animal care, sustainable agriculture and family farming. Contact us for information regarding our additional certifications.

Custom Programs and Products

One of our highest priorities at NestFresh, in addition to the sustainable and humane treatment of our hens, is providing great customer service. We specialize in designing custom programs and products to meet your food service and manufacturing needs, including private label programs.

If you need a certification, product state or quantity of eggs for your business that isn’t listed in our retail offerings, we’ll develop the right product mix for you. Contact NestFresh to set up a custom order today.

Bulk Product Offerings:

Whole Eggs
Egg Whites
Egg Yolks (Plain, Sugared, or Salted)

Bulk Product States:

Liquid Eggs
Frozen Eggs
Dried Eggs
Hard Cooked Eggs
Shell Eggs

Customizable Packaging Options:

Image of wholesale packaging options including glass jars, cardboard boxes of gable cartons, plastic pales, plastic totes, and 15 dozen flats.